.44 Lemat Conicals (Unsized)


A definitive oddball, the Lemat patent bullet matches the eccentricity the pistol it was meant for. They have a circular base that is meant to center the spherical portion of the bullet in the chamber for ramming, and were originally cast with a brass gang-mold that came cased with the pistols. My reproductions are cast on a custom block by Old West Bullet Moulds, and fall out of the mold at .460″. The generous diameter of the as-cast bullets will account for the somewhat…irregular quality control tolerances of the various reproduction revolvers.

This listing is for the UNSIZED, as-cast bullets. Make sure you check the diameter of your specific pistol’s chambers! I do offer them sized to .457, which fit my reproduction Pietta Lemat nicely.

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.44 Lemat Conicals (Unsized)

.44 Lemat Conicals (Unsized) (QTY 36), .44 Lemat Conicals (Unsized) (QTY 72), .44 Lemat Conicals (Unsized) (QTY 108)


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