.58 Minie Balls (SIZED)


THIS LISTING IS FOR A BOX OF 36 BULLETS, however you do have the option to include 3 Williams Cleaner Bullets in the drop-down menu below!

These bullets were the workhorse of the American Civil War. The Burton style “Minie” ball was developed for the US Army alongside the model 1855 Rifle, and tens of millions found their way to the various battlefields across the country. These reproductions are cast on the Lyman 575-213OS mold, and then swage-sized to the 1862-spec diameter of .5745″ to aid in sustained firing.

Sizing the bullets after casting is a VERY important factor in the performance of these bullets. As-cast, they are larger than the .575 the Mold Nomenclature would have you believe. If you like extended shooting sessions, and you’re satisfied by “battle rifle” performance, then the sized variety of this bullet is what you need. They will foul much more slowly and load more easily than their “raw” counterparts. If you’re more inclined towards shooting small groups from a leisurely bench then the larger diameter may not bother you.

I shoot these through a variety of reproduction rifled muskets made by a variety of manufacturers, and they perform as their designer intended with very little adjustment in powder charge between the rifles. Most of the time, my load is somewhere in the neighborhood of 65gr of 1Fg Black Powder. Only use a load that is safe for you, and safe for your weapon!

You can also add Williams Type 3 “Cleaner” bullets to your box of Burton Minies in the drop-down!

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none, 3 Williams, 33 sized minies LUBRICATED, 36 sized mines LUBRICATED, 3 Williams, 33 sized minies UN -LUBRICATED, 36 sized mines UN-LUBRICATED


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