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What I Do


I make historical projectiles and cartridges, one at a time, by hand. Whether you’re a reenactor or a range master, I will strive to put the best in your cartridge pouch. From the Brown Bess to the “new-fangled gimcracks” and a little beyond, if you’ve got it, I can help you make it speak once again. 

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Like this website, our Facebook page is brand new and under construction. Bear with me, and stay tuned!

On Reddit!

I have my own sub-Reddit, and post actively in the r/Blackpowder page as well! My handle there is Gimcrack_Bunkum, and I post new content there every other day!

Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated

I am a proud former US Army Ordnance Corps soldier, and I conveniently spent my time in the service as an Ammunition Specialist. 

  I am a one man band here at Gimcrack & Bunkum, assisted by one very demanding cat who supervises quality control. 

About Me

I am a Civil War reenactor of some 20 years, and am always my happiest in jeanwool, near a campfire. 

 I love to hear from my customers! I am always happy to talk ammo, load development and firearms history. PLEASE feel free to reach out to me!

Authentic Campaigner Approved Vendor

As of January, 2021! 

If you’re a Civil War reenactor or enthusiast and not a member of the AC Forums, you’re doing yourself a mischief. Get over there, register, and dive in!

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