Blank Tubes for Reenacting!

I have been a Civil War Reenactor most of my life,  and spent many years using generic “Paper Ladies” to run my musket at events. They were almost always bleached printer paper, they almost always leaked, and they almost always cost way more than they were worth at the Sutlers. I began my ammo making journey learning to roll them for myself, and haven’t bought a bag of them since I was about 12 years old. That was a long time, and a lot of awful uniforms ago. 

The authentic quality of events is changing for the better, and your impression is hopefully improving along with it. Naturally, authentic blank ammunition is a necessity! You’ll find them on my products page. 

Which Tubes For My Impression?

I offer several varieties of blank tubes that are ready to go to the field with you. That said,  you don’t want to show up at an EBUFU event with the wrong ones in your box!  Here’s a simple rundown on what goes with what:

-Smoothbore:  Both sides, early to mid-war. 

-Enfield: Confederate ONLY, all war long. (Sorry, Billy Yank. None for you!)

-Minie/Williams: Both sides used Minie cartridges of their own production, and the Confederates were known to issue captured ammunition when they could get it. By 1865 Williams cartridges had been pulled from circulation, so if you’re doing Appomattox, leave them at home.

 Caveat: Carry the type of ammunition your weapon would use(obviously), and make sure your Arsenal packaging reflects the correct time and place. 

Arsenal Packaging, Stamps and Labels:

I will include pre-cut arsenal packaging to go with your blank tubes AT YOUR REQUEST! I have a wide variety of reproduction stamps and even more printed labels to suit just about every impression in the war. 

What’s Inside?

Each blank tube I make is manufactured with the same materials, in the same way, to the same specifications of the live round they are meant to duplicate with two exceptions. First and most obviously, I leave out the lead! The bullet or ball in my blanks is replaced by a biodegradable, cornstarch based foam. Second, on the CS Enfield blanks, I omit the tallow from the lube so your cartridges wont mold during the offseason. 

They are all sold EMPTY, but will come out of the box ready to fill and fold. 

 The foam substitute projectiles are SAFE TO RAM AND FIRE! The foam completely incinerates on firing, and is fully water soluble. So, if you’re the brave sort who attends events where you’re allowed to (accurately) ram your cartridges, or the exacting sort who wants safe and correct demonstrations for the public, these are for you. 

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