For your Arsenal Packs

I have on hand various reproduction stamps and labels to suit period-correct packaging for you cartridges. Whether it’s for Living History, or you just like taking pretty things to the range like I do, these labels and stamps can put the proper finishing touches on your round-rolling session. 

Printed Labels:

  • S&W Spencer .56-50, 7 cartridges.
  • Sage Ammunition Works .56-50, 42 cartridge box.
  • .44 Colt Combustibles, W.J. Syms & Bro, 1862.
  • .36 Richmond Lab Combustibles, 1863.
  • CS Enfield .577, Selma Arsenal, 186_ (Last number to be handwritten).
  • CS .69 Buckshot, Columbus Ord. Depot, 186_ (Last number to be handwritten).
  • CS Enfield .577, Augusta Arsenal, 1863
  • US .58cal, Allegheny Arsenal, 1858.
  • US .58cal, Frankford Arsenal, 1861
  • US .69cal Rifle, Washington Arsenal, 1857, 1861,  and 1864.
  • US Sharps, Hardford, Conn. Undated.

 Arsenal Pack-Wrapper Stamps

  • US .58 Minie, Allegheny, 1858.
  • US .58 Minie, Allegheny Arsenal, 1861.
  • CS .58 Minie, Richmond Arsenal, 1862.
  • CS .69 Round Ball, Selma Arsenal, 1863.
  • CS .69 Buck & Ball, Atlanta Arsenal, 1863.
  • CS .54 Austrian Lorenz/Mississippi, Augusta Arsenal, 1864
  • CS .54 Mississippi Rifle, Augusta Arsenal, 1864.
  • CS .54 Mississippi/Austrian, Atlanta Arsenal, 1864.
  • CS .57 or .58 Conical Ball, Richmond Arsenal, 1864.
  • .54 Lorenz, 6 cartridges, Austrian Army issue, 186_(Last number handwritten) 

What You’ll Get

If you annotate which label or stamp you would like with your order of blanks, you will receive one for each specified increment of ammunition. E.g. if the label says 10 cartridges, and you ordered 40 rounds, you’ll get 4. For the labels, they will be printed on unbleached paper. For the stamps, they will stamped in acid-free ink on a wrapper-sized piece of paper. 

Wrapping arsenal packs can be tricky for the uninitiated. Just about everything will fit in a sheet of paper cut to 8″x10″, and I’ll share a trade secret with you: stack your cartridges in equal rows, and wrap a strip of paper around them.  “Belly-banding” your cartridges will keep them together and make them much easier to wrap in a nice uniform package. Also remember to alternate, bullet-ends up and down, etc. 

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