Arsenal Pack Labels and Wrappers:


I offer a wide variety of both stamped and printed reproduction labels, should you choose to package your cartridges. The relevant options for each cartridge are in the drop-down menu where you select the quantity you’d like, and pictures of each are in the gallery attached to their product. 

Each of the labels I use has been reproduced to exacting specifications from surviving original examples, some of which can be found in the Round ball to Rimfire series and Confederate Arsenals and Laboratories series by Dean S. Thomas. Some of the stamps I use are from Cap & Ball EU, which offers a wide and excellent variety of related products. 

When you add arsenal labels to your order it will include sufficient labels and wrapping paper to match the number of cartridges you order, as well as twine to tie your bundles up and paper tubes for your percussion caps. 

I can also reproduce printed labels upon request, provided you have a quality image and approximate measurements! I created many of the ones on my site from scratch and am always looking to add to the repertoire, so please feel free to reach out. 

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