I started reenacting the American Civil War in 1999, and began live-firing Civil War era weapons in 2000. Since then I have fired many thousands of rounds through dozens of original and reproduction black powder firearms, both blank and live. I have seen just about everything that can or will happen with them, and have often had it happen to me. I’ve broken and fixed a lot of them over the years, and know a good deal about troubleshooting them too. I shot competitively for a number of years, and served for 6 years in the US Army Ordnance Corps as an ammunition specialist. I am ALWAYS open to customer inquiries, and I love talking “shop” about Civil War era firearms and swapping load data. That said, I might be able to save some of your time with the lighter stuff right here!


  • Do I shoot/do anything for the NSSA? The short answer is: no. I shoot reproductions of military ammunition through firearms that are unmodified (or in some cases restored to) their as-issued military trim. I am also a FIRM believer in paper-patched bullets, the use of paper cartridges on a firing line, and of a reasonable standard of uniform authenticity when hosting an event representative of the American Civil War. Theirs is a different discipline of the shooting art than mine.
  • How do you ship my order? I use USPS for everything. You will get a tracking number.
  • How long will my order take to ship? It does depend on the volume of orders. I work very quickly, as this is my full-time job, but there is only one of me and just about everything I sell is made one or two at a time by hand. Generally my turnaround time is 7-10 business days, plus however long the box takes to get to you.
  • Can you ship overseas? In some cases, yes! If you’re an overseas customer (outside the United States and its territories), email me directly before placing an order through the website. I’ll do the best I can to accommodate you. Some countries restrict what I can and cannot send, and we will have to work out shipping details.
  • Can you recommend what projectile would work best in MY gun? Generally, yes. Provided your weapon is safe to fire, of course. Again, feel free to email me directly, I’ll do my best to help you.
  • Can I fix your gun? Again, sadly no. BUT, I can likely talk you through either troubleshooting basic problems, or identifying it so you can find a gunsmith who can fix it for you. I can also assist in referring you to some excellent gunsmiths who specialize in Civil War Era Firearms.
  • Do you shoot everything you make? HELL YES I DO, and I love doing it. If you have a performance related question on any of my products, I can talk to you firsthand about it. I’m not just the messenger. My load data book is open to you, should you have questions on specific powder types and charges. 
  • Do you sell black powder firearms/black powder/percussion caps? Not yet! Selling powder requires a license. Plans are in motion to make this happen in the future, though!
  • Do you take PayPal? No. Ditto Square, which is owned by PayPal. They are extremely anti-gun, and while the Federal government doesn’t consider what I sell to be ammunition, PayPal does. I no longer have access to their services.
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