Todd Watts Defarbs


If you’re a reenactor, you’ve likely heard the term “defarbing”. For the uninitiated, it’s the removal of non-period correct markings and features from the various reproduction firearms used in the reenacting community. Todd Watts has been taking care of my reenacting weapons for many years, and I’m proud to have about a half a dozen that have been to his work bench. His work is fast, efficient, and beautiful. If you’re looking to improve your impression, I can’t recommend his services enough. You wont recognize your musket! To contact him, he can be found on Instagram @wattsdefarbs, or you can contact me for his email information. 

Brooks Tru-Bore Moulds:


Most of my custom bullet mold blocks were done for my by Brooks Moulds, and I consider them far and away the best bespoke bullet maker in the country. Some of my molds from them have literally 10,000 castings behind them. They’re high-grade industrial steel, made to exactly specifications, and without them I would not be able to bring some of the historical cartridges I make to life. I cannot speak highly enough about Brooks Moulds. 

Eras Gone Bullet Molds


Mark Hubbs over at Eras Gone Bullets is who you need to see if you cast your own bullets, or want to start. He arranges the reproduction of historical bullets by LEE, and graciously makes them available to the masses.

HistoryFix, a Streaming Service for History Buffs!


Quite literally, a tailor-made Television service designed specifically for those interested in American History! Available on multiple devices, featuring full-length films, documentaries and how-to videos, this is the place for all your round rolling background entertainment! If you’ve seen the Civil War Digital Digest, you need to see this. Follow my affiliate link below, and use code “30PERCENT0FF” when you subscribe for %30 off your whole first year! 

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