.542″ Minie Ball Cartridges


 These cartridges are made to specifications set out in the “Reports of Experiments with Small Arms for the Military Service” conducted by the US Ordnance Department in 1856, where the m1841 “Mississippi” rifle was stacked up against a variety of its contemporaries for evaluation. While the US ended up developing and adopting what would become known as the m1855 Rifle and Rifled Musket, the “Mississippi” rifle stayed in service and in armory stocks across the country up into the beginning of the Civil War. These rifles saw combat on both sides of the war, and were updated in various ways by several different contracting agencies, some adding long-range rear sights and various bayonet fittings.
These cartridges contain a lubricated .542″ Charleston Arsenal style minie ball cast from a Lyman 542440 mold and a powder cylinder. The bullet weighs 440gr. In function, they are identical to their larger .58 caliber siblings. THESE CARTRIDGES CONTAIN NO POWDER, but will come out of the box ready to be filled and folded.

If you would like arsenal pack labels, cap tubes and wrappers, make your selection in the add-ons!

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.542" Minie Ball Cartridges

.542" Minie Ball Cartridges (QTY 15), .542" Minie Ball Cartridges (QTY 30)


none, CS . 54 Mississippi, Atlanta Arsenal, 1862 (PRINTED) (+$1), CS . 54 Mississippi Rifle , Augusta Arsenal, 1864 (STAMPED) (+$1), CS . 54 Mississippi/Austrian, Atlanta Arsenal, 1864 (STAMPED) (+$1), CS . 54 Austrian or Mississippi, Fayetteville Armory, Open Date (PRINTED) (+$1), CS Macon Arsenal, Open Date (Printed, +$1), CS Selma Arsenal, 1863 (Printed, +$1)


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