.36 Colt Navy Conical


This conical is cast on a new mold from Eras Gone Bullet Molds, and is a clone of an original manufactured by Colt, commonly paired with cased revolvers.

The bullet is a nominally 140gr dead-pure lead projectile, measuring .378″ at the widest point just above the heel. Overall length is .611″. The heel is .014″ with a diameter of .358″ which is perfect for attaching a combustible cartridge, or simply loading loose. These conicals were produced in the tens of millions during the American Civil War and turn up on battlefields in both theaters of the war.

These bullets fit the loading recess on my Uberti 1861 Colt Navy and my Uberti 1862 Colt Pocket Police, and Armi San Paolo Remington Navy. though with the chamber depth of the Pocket Police, I’d recommend the shorter and lighter Colt Labs bullet to allow for more space.

If you’re looking for a little more oomph in your Navy Revolver, this one might be just the thing.

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