.41 Swiss Vetterli


This bullet is a reproduction of the “Gewehrpatrone” GP1871 bullet, adopted by Switzerland for the Vetterli repeating rifle. They differ only from the originals in having a flattened nose, so as to be safely loaded in a tube magazine with centerfire cartridges. They are cast on a custom block made to exacting specifications taken from original Swiss Army documentation.

These bullets are intended for the historic cartridge in 10.4x38mm, and will cycle in the Vetterli tube magazine if your cartridge overall length is 2.2 inches (56mm). These bullets are designed so that when seated to the heel the overall length is correct. If you’re using the longer 10.4x42mm cases, the overall length will be too long to use the magazine but can be loaded singly.

It is a heeled bullet, and is designed to interact correctly with the long throat in your Vetterli rifle without any modification.

Also like the original, it has a slightly hollow base. This ensures expansion upon firing into barrels of varying bore size. These bullets will expand reliably to fill the grooves, making this a very versatile bullet and ELIMINATES THE NEED TO SLUG YOUR BORE and find a custom bullet! I shoot these through my 1878/82 rifle, and run them happily out of the magazine. With 42gr of compressed FFg Black Powder under a card wad, they shoot to the sight graduations out to 300 yards. (They may do it even further, but I haven’t tried it yet!) I do not have load data for them with smokeless powder. These bullets are not equipped with, or cast to accept a gas-check.

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.41 Swiss Vetterli

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