.44 Lemat Conicals


A definitive oddball, the Lemat patent bullet matches the eccentricity the pistol it was meant for. They have a circular base that is meant to center the spherical portion of the bullet in the chamber for ramming, and were originally cast with a brass gang-mold that came cased with the pistols. My reproductions are cast on a custom block by Old West Bullet Moulds, and fall out of the mold at .460″ The generous diameter of the as-cast bullets will account for the somewhat…irregular quality control tolerances of the various reproduction revolvers.

My Lemat is a Pietta reproduction, and they were much too large to comfortably ram at that size, and so I offer them swage-sized down to .457, which does straighten the sides of the pronounced ogive noticeably, but they are VERY accurate bullets. With an 18gr load of FFFg they shoot directly to the sights and group within 3″ at 15 yards. This is one of my favorite pistol conicals, and has been a regular shooter for me. It also performs admirably well in several of my other more conventional .44 caliber revolvers.

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