.45 “Long Colt” Conicals


For those of you with Cowboy Action inclinations, or at least Cowboy guns, the .45 Colt Cartridge is an absolute mainstay. Erroneously known as “Long Colt” to differentiate it from the much later Automatic Colt Pistol cartridges, this bullet began life in 1871 as Colt developed what would become known as the 1873 Single Action, or better known as “The Peacemaker”. The Army loading of this cartridge contained 28gr of pistol powder, and saw service across the American frontier well into the 20th century.

This bullet is flat-nosed, so as to be safely loaded in tube-magazine-fed repeating carbines, but will serve just as well in sixguns. It is cast on a Lee 452-255rf Mold. They are .452 in diameter on the belt, and weigh 255gr. I load mine the way the Army did, with 28gr of compressed FFFg Black Powder under a card wad. I don’t have data for them for smokeless powder, and these bullets are NOT equipped with or designed to be fitted with a gas check. Only use a load that is safe for you, and for your weapon!

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.45 Long Colt Conicals

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  1. Hugh Knight

    I made these up into cartridges with 35 grains of Swiss 3F powder in Starline brass cases, and got phenomenal results with them. I shot a string of ten rounds, getting a String Test measurement of 1.4 inches/round, meaning all ten hits averaged 1.4 inches from the bullseye at 25 yards. These bullets are accurate and highly recommended for your .45 Colt weapons.

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