.54cal Ball Cartridges (Qty. 30ea)


These cartridges are representative of examples produced in the North and South, both before and during the American Civil War. They are intended for use in .54 caliber arms. Original examples survive with balls varying in size from the 1850 regulation .525″ to .535″, my reproduction cartridges are available with either a .525″ or .530″ cast soft alloy ball. The are choked and tied above and below the ball, and contain no internal powder cylinder. They are designed to be loaded in the same manner as their larger .69cal siblings. Make your diameter selection in the drop-down menu!

Cartridges of this type were manufactured and issued during the Mexican American War for use in pistols, the Hall rifle and carbine, as well as the “Mississippi” rifle, and as all of these weapons survived to be used on both sides of the Civil War, the cartridge remained in production at least as late as 1864, as evidenced by surviving arsenal packet labels bearing that date.

My reproductions are sold in batches of 30, and will arrive to you CONTAINING NO POWDER. They do however, come out of the box ready to fill and fold. There are also a couple of correct reproduction arsenal labels in the drop-down menu, should you choose to package your completed cartridges in arsenal packets.

Additional information

Arsenal Labels

NONE, CS Augusta, 1862 (Printed, +$1), CS Augusta, 1864 (Printed, +$1), Plain for US Service, (+$1).

Ball Diameter

.530", .525"


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