.54 Lorenz Compression Ball (Qty. 36 ea)


Austrian Lorenz, or M1854 Infanteriegewehr (infantry rifle), was the third most common longarm of the American Civil War, with only US Springfield and British Enfield rifles surpassing it’s numbers in the field. In Austrian service the Lorenz used a Wilkinson-type “Kompressivkugel”, or “compression bullet,” that was known for great accuracy as well as simplicity. Historically the Lorenz had a .547″ barrel, and the .539″ bullet was paper patched up to a diameter of about .545″ and lubricated with mutton tallow. It had a higher muzzle velocity and flatter trajectory than the .58-caliber Springfield and Enfield rifled muskets. The cartridge construction is similar in concept to the Enfield/Pritchett cartridge.

My compression bullets are cast from pure soft lead, and are .539″ in diameter. The mold was a custom block, made to exacting specifications from original dimensions.  It can be fired naked (without a paper patch) from .54-caliber rifles like the US M1841 Mississippi Rifle. If you shoot it un-patched, do not fill both compression grooves with bullet lube; the lube will not compress and the bullet will not expand properly when fired. Instead, simply dip-lube only the bottom ring.

They are of course meant to be fired from a Lorenz rifle, in which case they must be shot paper-patched to perform as intended. I shoot them (a lot) through a Pedersoli reproduction Lorenz rifle, paper patched to .545 and lubed with a beeswax/tallow mix over 55gr of 1.5Fg or FFg black powder. I am speaking honestly when I say that this combination is my favorite, and most-fired load in my own shooting.


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