.542″ Minie Balls (Qty. 36ea)


When war broke out, the US Government still had large quantities of the model 1841 “Mississippi” rifles still in their arsenals. Naturally, some of these arsenals were seized by the seceding states for distribution to Confederate troops. These were very well made and serviceable weapons, though they had been made obsolete by the adoption of the model 1855 rifled musket, and so the outbreak of hostilities saw a great many “Mississippi” rifles updated in various ways and sent to the front lines. Common additions included the attachment of bayonet lugs, various models of adjustable rear sights, and a significant quantity were re-rifled to .58 caliber by various Northern contractors to accept the standardized ammunition.

South of the Mason-Dixon, .54 caliber ammunition was made in several arsenals and issued interchangeably to troops armed with the “Mississippi” and the imported Lorenz rifles, as well as converted 1817 Common Rifles that had been pressed into service. Many of the arsenal pack labels for these cartridges state “For Austrian or Mississippi” on them, and having shot this very bullet in one of each myself, I can speak to their efficacy.

This reproduction comes straight out Roundball To Rimfire Part 4 by Dean Thomas, specimen #248 on page 199, for those so inclined. It is a two-groove bullet with a high base ring, seen on bullets produced in the Charleston Arsenal. It measures .542″ in diameter, has an overall length of .942″, and a very deep and conical cavity measuring .440″. It weighs in at 440 grains. Unlike my other .54 caliber minie-style bullets, this one is actually a historical reproduction, rather than simply a historically inspired design. This bullet is cast on a Lyman 542440 mold. It is significantly larger in diameter than the other .54 projectiles I offer, so if you have a question about which is best for your rifle, shoot me an email!

These bullets ship in boxes of 36, and can be had dip-lubed in the correct tallow and beeswax mixture, or unlubricated.

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