.56-50 Spencer Conical (Qty. 36 ea)


The Spencer Rifle was the first magazine-fed, self-contained cartridge firing longarm ever adopted by the US Army. Famously shot by Abraham Lincoln in the yard of White House during a demonstration, it saw widespread use during the American Civil War in its rifle and carbine forms, and served well into the 1870s.

The original cartridge was a rimfire, and so carried a round-nose bullet. For safety reasons, the centerfire reproductions and conversions of the Spencer must be loaded and fired with flat-points if you intend to use the magazine. This is the bullet I shoot in my model 1860 Spencer rifle, which is an Armi-Sport reproduction chambered in .56-50. It is cast on a Lyman 515-139 bullet mold, and they fall out of the mold at 340gr. They measure .515″ in diameter, and are an absolute BLAST to send downrange. There is nothing like running a repeater next to muzzle-loading friends!


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