.560″ CS Enfield Cartridges (Qty. 28ea)


These cartridges are a copy of specimen #545 on page 235 in “Roundball To Rimfire Part 4, A Contribution to the History of the Confederate Ordnance Bureau” by Dean S. Thomas. The original cartridge is a Confederate-made copy of an early pattern English cartridge, constructed in rag vellum paper with a cardstock “stiffener” powder cylinder. My reproduction of this cartridge contains a very special bullet from a very special mold. Mr. Dan Wambaugh of Wambaugh, White & Co. graciously loaned me his original Civil War Era English made, Confederate-imported Enfield mold to use, test and copy.

With the help of Brooks Moulds, I am able to bring to you an utterly exact replica of the original bullet, with measurements taken directly from the original. No guesswork, no approximations, no interpretations, indeed not a reproduction at all, but an exact clone. This bullet is .5595″ in diameter, 1.025″ long, 560gr in weight cast in dead pure soft lead, and has a conical, plug-less cavity and a slightly beveled base.

The mold I used as a template is of the type that were included in each crate of twenty Enfield Rifle Muskets shipped from England to the Confederacy for use during the American Civil War. These molds were imported in both the nose and side pour varieties, and were used across the entire Confederacy. A more accurate example of reproduction Confederate-made rifle ammunition simply cannot be made.

My reproduction of this cartridge is sold in boxes of 28 and they CONTAIN NO POWDER, but will come out of the box ready to be filled and folded. (note: the original example was arsenal folded in the same manner as a Burton “Minie” cartridge, and not twisted shut in the British manner. You can choose to do either, as it will not affect the function of the cartridge.)

Various appropriate arsenal labels can be added to your order along with the wrapping paper, twine, and percussion cap tubes to complete packaging your ammunition.

Additional information

Arsenal Wrappers/Labels

None, Eley, London Un-dated (STAMPED) (+$1), Richmond Arsenal, 1863 (STAMPED) (+$1), Richmond Arsenal, 1864 (STAMPED) (+$1), Savannah Arsenal, 1864 (PRINTED) (+$1), Augusta Arsenal, 1863 (PRINTED) (+$1), Macon Arsenal, 1864 (PRINTED) (+$1), Charleston Arsenal, 1862 (PRINTED) (+$1), Selma Arsenal, Open Date (STAMPED) (+$1)


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