.58 Minie Balls (Unsized)


 THIS LISTING IS FOR A BOX OF 36 BULLETS, however you can add 3 Williams cleaners to the box in the drop-down menu below!

These bullets were the workhorse of the American Civil War. The Burton style “Minie” ball was developed for the US Army alongside the model 1855 Rifle, and tens of millions found their way to the various battlefields across the country. These reproductions are cast on the Lyman 575-213OS mold, and will be sent to you exactly as they came out of the mold.

Bear in mind, that means they will be over the .575″ diameter of the Mold’s nomenclature, and closer to the true .580″. You will be trading ease of loading and sustained firing for a tighter fit to your bore, and the increase in accuracy that entails. If you intend to shoot out of a cartridge box “battle rifle” style (like I do), then you need the sized variety, or the cartridges that contain them, instead.

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36 un-sized, .58cal minies, LUBRICATED, 36 un-sized, .58cal mines, UN-LUBRICATED, 3 Williams Cleaners/ 33 un-sized .58cal minies, LUBRICATED, 3 Williams Cleaners/ 33 un-sized .58cal minies, UN-LUBRICATED


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