.58 Burton “Minie” Balls


 THIS LISTING IS FOR A BOX OF 36 BULLETS, however you can add 3 Williams cleaners to the box in the drop-down menu below! Be sure to select whether you would like your bullets lubricated or not, also.

These bullets were the Union workhorse of the American Civil War. The Burton style “Minie” ball was developed for the US Army alongside the model 1855 Rifle and tens of millions found their way to the various battlefields across the country. These reproductions are cast on a custom block made for me by Brooks Moulds, and will be sent to you exactly as they came out of the mold.

These bullets are designed to mirror the pre/early war Harpers Ferry gang mold cast bullets. They are nose-cast with a standard hollow base. They are also very, very close in dimensions to the 1857 specifications for the swage-pressed bullet pictured in “US Small Arms 1856”. They measure .5745″ in diameter, 1.250″ long, with a .415″ deep cavity. They weigh 500gr cast in dead pure soft lead.

Unlike my previous .58cal Burton Minie mold (a Lyman 575213OS), these bullets fall out of the mold at the correct size, and there is no need to press-size them to a uniform diameter. As of October 9th, 2023 the Lyman bullet is discontinued on this site.

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36 .58cal minies, LUBRICATED, 36 .58cal mines, UN-LUBRICATED, 3 Williams Cleaners/ 33 .58cal minies, LUBRICATED, 3 Williams Cleaners/ 33 .58cal minies, UN-LUBRICATED


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