.69 Ball Cartridge


These cartridges were officially adopted by the US along with the model 1795 Musket, and were used in every iteration of the .69 caliber longarm in US Service until the introduction of the .58 caliber rifled musket in 1855. Naturally, it continued in service alongside its more modern successors through the conclusion of the American Civil War. Interestingly, this specific cartridge holds the record for the longest serving small arms cartridge in US Military history (for now…)

These cartridges are reproduced following the specifications in the 1841 US Army Ordnance Manual.  They contain a single lead .650-caliber ball and contain NO POWDER. When I shoot them myself, I fill them with 100gr of 1Fg Black Powder. Make sure to use a load that is safe for you, and for your weapon!

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.69 Ball Cartridge

.69 Ball Cartridge (QTY 12), .69 Ball Cartridge (QTY 24)


none, CS Selma Arsenal 1863 (Stamped, +$1), CS Selma Arsenal 1863 (Printed, +$1), CS Augusta Arsenal 1864 (Printed, +$1), CS Augusta Arsenal OPEN DATE (Printed, +$1), CS Palmetto Arsenal 1862 (Stamped, +$1)


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