.69 CS Buckshot Cartridges


These are reproduced to exact dimensions taken from original cartridges, and based on images taken from Roundball To Rimfire Volume 4, by Dean S. Thomas. The originals were produced at Augusta Arsenal for the Confederate States from 1862 through at least late 1864, and I have reproduced two labels to accompany them, which are available in the drop down menu! Twine, wrapping paper and tubes for your percussion caps are included when you add labels to your order!

They can be loaded whole after the powder-end has been torn open and poured into the barrel, the rest of the cartridge is rammed down paper and all. They can also be loaded sectionally, depending on your bore diameter or the level of fouling. In either case, the cartridge paper acts as wadding. Loading instructions are included with each order of these cartridges!

These cartridges contain 12 pieces of .310″ shot, and NO POWDER, but they come out of the box ready to fill and fold. I load mine with 100gr of 1fg black powder, but please only use a load that is safe for you and for your weapon!

Additional information

CS Buckshot Cartridges

CS .69 Buckshot Cartridges (Qty. 12), CS .69 Buckshot Cartridges (Qty. 24)

Arsenal Labels/Wraps

None, CS Columbus Arsenal, Open date (printed, +$1), CS Augusta Arsenal 1864 (Printed,+$1), CS Selma Arsenal 1863 (Printed, +$1)


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