.69 Minie Ball Cartridges


There are cartridges, and then there are CARTRIDGES. These are the latter. These are designed and intended for the .69 caliber US Model 1842 Rifled Musket, and their dimensions are taken from the 1856 “Reports of Experiments with Small Arms for the Military Service” by the US Ordnance Department. They contain a Lyman 68569 minie ball, .685″ dip-lubed in a mix of tallow and beeswax, and a powder cylinder. These contain NO POWDER but are ready to be filled and folded right out of the box. I fire these through an Armisport Reproduction with 70 grains of 1fg black powder, but please only use a load you feel is safe for you and your musket!

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.69 Minie Ball Cartridges

.69 Minie Ball Cartridges (QTY 12), .69 Minie Ball Cartridges (QTY 24)


none, US .69cal Rifle, Washington Arsenal, 1857 (PRINTED) (+$1), US .69cal Rifle, Washington Arsenal, 1861 (PRINTED) (+$1), US .69cal Rifle, Washington Arsenal, 1864 (PRINTED) (+$1)


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