.75cal “Ball & Buck” p39/42 Ctgs. (Qty. 22ea)


These cartridges are a reproduction of English “Ball & Buck” cartridges designed for use in the venerable Brown Bess variant muskets and their p1839 and p1842 percussion successors. They contain a .695″ diameter round ball and three .330″ buckshot, secured in the tube with a stiffened powder cylinder. The original powder charge for the p1842 musket is listed as 3 drams (82gr), and was reduced in October of 1863 to 2 3/4 drams (75gr). My reproduction cartridges will ship CONTAINING NO POWDER, but will be ready to fill and fold right out of the box. THIS LISTING IS FOR A BOX OF 22 CARTRIDGES.

The Confederate Government was importing these cartridges in large quantities during the early portion of the American Civil War, with a surviving receipt for 220,000 rounds (220 crates) dated July 22nd, 1862 from Eley Brothers in London.

Loading the cartridge whole, either end up or down, after pouring the powder seems to be just as effective. Unlike American “Buck & Ball” cartridges, the buckshot are behind the ball rather than on top. Ram briskly to ensure compression of the empty powder cylinder, prime, and blaze away!

As no surviving arsenal packet of this ammunition exists, I have elected not to offer a labeled wrapper with my reproduction cartridges. The only indication I can find in period texts is that the crates were marked as from Eley, and with a large mold “M” to indicate musket, rather than rifle. If one turns up, I’ll be sure to add it to the repertoire!

For more information in the original cartridges, A photo of an original example and a full-page scan of a surviving original receipt for this ammunition, see pages 257-259 of “The English Connection” by R. A. Pritcard Jr. and C.A. Huey (buy that book! Trust me.)

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