Brown Bess/Charleville Cartridges


These cartridges are identical in construction to my standard .69 caliber ball cartridges, but feature a fancier wrapper! The body of the cartridge is a printed reproduction of a 1700s period newspaper, and contains a .662″ alloy round ball. They are meant to be rammed whole, once the powder is poured, with the empty paper of the cartridge forming the wadding. They are suitable for both the Brown Bess, and the Charleville musket. I fire mine in a percussion conversion Pedersoli Charleville with 100gr 1fg Swiss BLACK POWDER, but for a flintlock the charge would be somewhat heavier to account for the priming.

These cartridges will arrive to you containing NO POWDER. However, they come out of the box ready to be filled and folded. Only use a load that is safe for you and for your weapon!

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Brown Bess/Charleville Cartridges

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