CS Enfield Reenactor Tubes (Qty. 40 ea)


The Enfield-style cartridge and it’s Pritchett bullet were the preferred small-arms ammunition of the Confederacy. Hundreds of thousands of British-made cartridges and Pritchett bullet molds were imported through the blockade early in the war, and soon the Confederacy was producing millions of their own simplified version. By early 1864 the Chief of Ordnance had specified that only Enfield-style ammunition should continue to be made, eschewing the Burton-minie entirely at least in theory.

These reproductions feature only two differences from the genuine, live article: The Pritchett bullet has been replaced by a cornstarch-based, water soluble foam substitute, and the tallow in the exterior lubricant has been replaced with paraffin. The first substitution is for hopefully obvious reasons, and the second is to keep your cartridges from molding during the off-season! They are SAFE TO RAM, constructed entirely of biodegradable and recyclable materials, and will handily embarrass anyone in your formation with a pouch full of “paper ladies”.

Sold in quantities of 40! THESE CONTAIN NO POWDER, but will come out of the box ready to fill and fold. In the drop-down menu you will find an assortment of arsenal pack labels to choose from, and each of them come complete with wrapping paper, twine and tubes for your percussion caps to go into each arsenal packet. If you would like only the cartridges, be sure to select “none”!

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None, English Import, 1861 (STAMPED, +$1), Charleston Arsenal, 1862 (PRINTED, +$1), Richmond Arsenal, 1863 (STAMPED, +$1), Augusta Arsenal, 1863 (PRINTED, +$1), Richmond Arsenal, 1864 (STAMPED,+$1), Macon Arsenal, 1864 (PRINTED, +$1), Savannah Arsenal, 1864 (PRINTED, +$1), Selma Arsenal, Open Date (STAMPED, +$1), Eley, London Undated (STAMPED, +$1)


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