.54cal Minie Reenactor Blank Tubes (Qty. 40 ea)


Reenactor Blank Tubes differ from the Live, genuine article in only one way: they contain no lead! Instead, the projectile is replaced by a cornstarch based, water soluble foam. Otherwise, these cartridges are constructed and function in exactly the same way as their deadly counterparts. They come to you EMPTY, but ready to fill and fold right out of the box! They are biodegradable, chiefly constructed of recycled material, and best of all: SAFE TO RAM!

These cartridges are rolled to specifications for .54cal “minie” style cartridges, primarily used in weapons like the 1854 Lorenz, and M1841 “Mississippi” rifle.

If you would like the supplies to arsenal pack and label your cartridges, please be sure to mark your selection in the drop-down menu! If no selection is made, none will be included.

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US .54cal Reenactor Blank Tubes (Qty. 40 ea)

US .54cal Reenactor Blank Tubes (Qty. 40 ea)


none, CS . 54 Mississippi, Atlanta Arsenal, 1862 (PRINTED) (+$1), CS . 54 Mississippi Rifle , Augusta Arsenal, 1864 (STAMPED) (+$1), CS . 54 Mississippi/Austrian, Atlanta Arsenal, 1864 (STAMPED) (+$1), CS . 54 Austrian or Mississippi, Fayetteville Armory, Open Date (PRINTED) (+$1), CS Macon Arsenal, Open Date (Printed, +$1), CS Selma Arsenal, 1863 (Printed, +$1), Plain for US Usage (+$1)


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