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You’ll be hard pressed to find a Williams Type 3 cartridge anywhere else in the world. These are made to the 1863 Ordnance Manual standard, and contain one of my exclusive, lube-dipped “cleaner” bullets and a powder cylinder. The outer body is an indigo, hand-dyed 9lbs cotton rag paper. These were initially issued on a 1:10 ratio with standard Burton Minie cartridges, but by 1864 they were issued in as much as 6:10 ratio. The Williams bullet was proven to be more accurate than the Burton Minie, and it’s cleaning properties certainly made it a combat multiplier. However, they were often hated by the troops that carried them. Once rammed, they were much more difficult to pull with a ramrod mounted ball screw, as the core pin caused immediate expansion when the bullet was seated. This caused many a headache for soldiers coming off of guard duty, or clearing a malfunction.

My Type 3 Williams “Cleaner” bullets are cast on a custom mold made by Brooks Moulds, weigh 478gr, and measure .574″ in diameter. They are exceptionally accurate in my .580″ Whitacre Progressive Barrel on an 1855 Rifled musket. I use the same service charge with these as I do with my Burton Minies and unlike the heavier Type 2 Williams bullets you may find on the reproduction market, these will shoot to the same sight settings as your standard ammunition.

They do lack the concave zinc washers seen on the original bullets, but this is purely a cost-saving measure I’m passing on to the customer. I have experimented with making them, and in firing them to see if there was a noticeable difference in performance. There was no measurable difference in accuracy or cleaning ability with or without them and since the added dies, material, and time would increase the cost by a full third, I am forgoing them on my reproductions.

These cartridges CONTAIN NO POWDER, but come ready to be filled and folded right out of the box. You can also ADD THESE to any order of US .58 Cal Minie Cartridges! Check the drop-down menu!

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